How Do You Sell Used Wooden Pallets?

Sell used wooden pallets by gathering unwanted scrap pallets from various locations and notifying companies that buy used pallets about what you have on hand. Companies that buy used pallets include Avid Pallet Services LLC and Visit their websites to submit descriptions of your used pallets for sale. You can also seek out local pallet suppliers that purchase large quantities of used pallets such as PLM Inc. and Southeast Pallet Recycler to arrange a sale.

Companies that buy used wooden pallets typically require you to unload your pallets and sort them, and you must bring photo identification such as a drivers license to satisfy verification requirements. Some companies send a truck to pick up used pallets after you load them into a drop load trailer. Factors that go into determining the value of your used pallets include weight, size, condition and grade. Some local pallet recycling companies pay cash, but you should typically expect to receive payment by check or direct deposit. Ask companies about payment methods during the initial contact.

Local shippers may pay you for returning odd-sized pallets. Take pallets you cannot sell to a local recycling company. Scrap wooden pallets are sometimes found at retail stores, hospitals, restaurants, construction sites and busy ports.