How Do You Know What to Sell a Used Refrigerator For?

To determine the price of a used refrigerator, determine the make and model, condition of the refrigerator and its original value, and compare with other used refrigerators for sale online, advises SFGate. Be realistic about your expectations when selling used appliances.

First determine the make and model, which is found on the purchase receipt or in the appliance manual. In addition to the make and model, check the cubic footage of the refrigerator and the year of manufacture. Having these details makes it easier to sell the refrigerator.

Next, take stock of the condition of the refrigerator. Check both the exterior and interior for damage, paying special attention to handles, drawers and shelves. Check that features such as exterior lights, water dispenser, ice maker and temperature regulators are working. The overall condition of the appliance plays a major role in pricing.

Do research to find out what the same refrigerator costs when purchased new. Check the purchase receipt or visit the manufacturer’s website to find this information. Knowing the cost of the refrigerator while new helps to establish a reasonable starting price.

Lastly, check your local online classifieds, and compare the prices for similar makes and models in similar condition. Add or remove allowances to this price depending on the original value and condition of your refrigerator.