How Do You Sell Used Medical Equipment?


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To sell used medical equipment, clean and sterilize each piece, get an estimate for each item's worth, list the pieces on a general auction site, and place specialized equipment on medical auction sites. Include pictures and descriptions of each item. Sell leftover items to a surplus store.

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  1. Clean the equipment

    Since no one wants to buy dirty medical equipment, completely clean and sterilize it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use alcohol or bleach as appropriate, or an autoclave for small metal items.

  2. Contact a surplus store

    Get a quote from a surplus store or website to find out how much your used medical equipment is worth.

  3. Confirm the estimate

    Check websites such as eBay and medical-specific marketplaces. Get an idea for what your items retail.

  4. Take pictures of your equipment

    Take pictures of the clean medical equipment in a neutral environment. Make the pictures as professional-looking as possible. Upload the pictures to your computer.

  5. List the medical equipment

    List the items on a general marketplace site such as eBay, complete with pictures. Write a detailed and honest description of each item. Include the desired price for each item.

  6. Sell the equipment on medical-specific websites

    If the equipment is not selling, or if it is specialized, list it on medical marketplaces such as MedWOW. Include pictures and professional descriptions of each item.

  7. Sell remaining items to the surplus store

    If the items have not sold after six months, consider lowering the price. If the price is close to what the surplus store quoted, sell it to those buyers.

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