How Do You Sell a Used Frigidaire Refrigerator?

How Do You Sell a Used Frigidaire Refrigerator?

To sell a used refrigerator, the value of the refrigerator should first be determined. Next, the refrigerator can be listed online, in local classifieds or on flyers around town. It can also be taken to a local appliance resale shop.

The used refrigerator's value depends on the make and model, any added features, such as an ice maker, the condition of the refrigerator, the original cost and the current cost of other used refrigerators.

Where to sell the refrigerator depends on convenience. Advertising locally or taking it to a shop prevents charging a buyer shipping fees. Online auctions may require shipping the refrigerator, which can be costly for the buyer.

Craigslist allows users to post ads to sell items for free on its website without the need to create an account, as of March 2015. In order to create a posting, an individual needs to first visit the Craigslist page for her city and choose the Post link in the upper right-hand corner. From this page the individual must choose the area in which she wants to sell the item, as well as the type of item being sold. In this case, the individual should choose Appliances - For sale by owner.

Once on the posting page, the individual can begin entering pertinent information about the unit being sold. The title should mention that the refrigerator is a Frigidaire brand, as well as the model type if known, including its color and condition. The description should go into greater detail about the condition of the unit and its features. Postings should also include several clear pictures of the refrigerator to give buyers a good impression of what it looks like.