How Do You Sell an Old Persian Rug?


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Sell an old Persian rug to private buyers of such items or on advertisement sites like Craigslist. The value of the rug determines the best way to sell it.

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There are buyers of different types of antique rugs, including oriental and Persian rugs. One good example of a buyer of rugs is Serur’s. This is an online marketplace of antique rugs. The marketplace sells the rugs it purchases to people who want them for personal use, so there are fair prices for buying and selling.

Before selling an antique rug, have an appraisal done. This helps you figure out the approximate value so you can get a fair price when visiting a dealer.

Craigslist is another good place to sell an old Persian rug. This is an appropriate option if the rug isn’t worth much or if you just want to sell the rug as quickly as possible. Include detailed photographs of the rug so the buyer can decide if it is a right fit for him. Be descriptive when explaining the type of rug, its colors and style, and what the condition is. Also mention whether you can deliver the rug to the buyer or if the buyer must pick it up.

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