How Do You Sell Homemade Quilts on EBay?


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Homemade quilts can be sold on eBay by setting the price, posting a description, tagging a demographic and shipping the product. Sellers are advised to ship the item as soon as possible, preferably by the next business day, in order to get good reviews.

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A good way for sellers to determine the price of their homemade quilts is to visit the eBay website, and search for other similar items. These can be either homemade or factory made. The seller can compare prices, and get a good idea of what people are willing to pay for the quilt. The seller should also consider time, materials and difficulty in making the quilt when determining the price.

Next, the seller should list their item for sale on the site. There is the option of auctioning the quilt, or selling it at a fixed price. Sellers can set a minimum price that they are willing to take. They should add a good description of the quilt, the materials used, the number of pieces on the quilt, the inspiration behind the design as well as the man hours used to make it. They should also tag the product with keywords that are specifically targeted to their demographic.

Lastly, the seller should ship the item immediately they receive payment for it. Shipping options include the post office, UPS and FedEx. The Seller is advised to track the package to ensure that it gets to the recipient. They should also update the buyer with information such as the tracking number and the place the item was shipped from.

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