How Do You Sell Your Furniture?


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To sell your furniture, determine the right price, decide how to sell, and negotiate prices with potential buyers. Options for selling furniture include yard sales, online sales, professional liquidators, used furniture dealers and local newspaper ads.

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How Do You Sell Your Furniture?
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If you are selling used furniture that is in excellent condition, start by determining its current retail price. For valuable collections and antique furniture, use pricing guides at a local library or seek expert help to determine the value. Take into account any scratches, dents and wear when pricing. The price should not be higher that the asking price of similar products in a retail store.

Yard sales offer an opportunity for buyers to approach you. Get a permit if your town or city requires it. You can make classified ads on websites, such as YardSaleSearch, about your yard sale. For online sales, websites such as eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji.com allow you to list your furniture. Craigslist is free, but eBay charges for the service.

Another option is to contact a used furniture dealer who assesses furniture for a quote. A professional liquidator helps find the best method for selling the furniture and charges a certain percentage of the total cost. Creating ads in local newspapers allows you to find customers in your location as well advertise your yard sale if you choose that route.

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