How Do You Sell an Antique Stove?


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Don't let your antique stove gather any more dust. Sell your stove with minimal effort by marketing, locating resellers and finding the right customers who appreciate antique appliances.

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  1. Market your antique stove effectively

    Marketing your stove involves letting potential customers know what you have. Put ads in your local newspapers but don't hesitate to venture out to other publications that reach a wider audience. Create a catchy headline and describe your stove as well as you can.

  2. Find an antique stove reseller

    Sell your stove quickly with a reseller's help. An antique stove reseller will have a customer base and a shop where potential buyers can look at your stove. If you can't find a local reseller that specializes in antique stoves, speak to the owner of a local antiques mall. Try to put the stove in an area of the store that receives steady traffic.

  3. List the stove by owner online

    Sell your antique stove by owner if you can't find a reseller or don't want to pay the commission. List your stove on eBay or on your local Craigslist. Make sure the stove is clean before you take a picture of it. Always include several pictures of the stove taken from different angles whenever you post an advertisement.

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