Does a Self Cleaning Oven Cleaner Leave a Bad Odor During the Cleaning Process?


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A self-cleaning oven can create strong odors during the self-cleaning process. The odor is caused by the oven using extremely high temperatures to burn away spills and food particles.

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Does a Self Cleaning Oven Cleaner Leave a Bad Odor During the Cleaning Process?
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To help with unpleasant odors, homeowners can open windows to help air flow through the house. An individual also may spend some time outdoors if needed. The odor from the self-cleaning cycle can cause headaches or other side effects among some people.

The fumes from an oven’s self-cleaning cycle can be harmful or deadly for birds. Any pet birds should be moved to a well-ventilated room distant from the oven before operating the self-cleaning cycle. The pet bird can also be moved outdoors if the weather is suitable. Other pet animals may be sensitive to the self-cleaning cycle as well.

An oven’s self-cleaning cycle generally reaches about 900 degrees Fahrenheit to burn up any cooked-on food. It is necessary to check on an oven while it is self cleaning to ensure there are no malfunctions or other problems.

There are some concerns about the effects of self-cleaning ovens on human health. Non-stick chemicals may have harmful effects, especially when heated to high temperatures. If an individual experiences severe side effects, a doctor should be consulted and a different method for cleaning the oven should be used.

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