Are There Self-Cleaning Gas Heaters?


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Self-cleaning gas heaters are available, such as the Premier Self-Cleaning Gas Water Heater. In addition to its use of a self-cleaning dip tube to cut down on lime and sediment building up in the unit, it has a number of green characteristics that contribute additionally to efficiency.

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While a self-cleaning gas water heater is going to last longer than its counterparts because of its longer durability, there are other items to look for in order to get the most efficient heater. A flame lock safety system keeps fires from happening even after exposure to the area of vapors stemming from solvents and thinner used in the area.

Some self-cleaning gas water heaters provide an LED status indicator to provide reports about system operation. Other attractive features include built-in fail-safes that shut the unit down if it detects overheating, or if the air supply develops some sort of restriction. A gas valve controlled by a microprocessor yields a more efficient purchase.

Some brands offer a gas burner with enhanced efficiency, producing fewer NOx emissions than their standard counterparts. Providing a foam insulation to give a thick wrap to the unit, keeping heat inside and increasing overall efficiency cuts down on the wear and tear that the unit has to endure over time. Finally, the use of a heavy duty, top-mounted anode provides valuable protection for the tank against the elements, keeping corrosion at bay at least temporarily.

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