How Do You Select the Temperature Setting on a Normal Clothes Dryer?

Some dryers simplify temperature settings with "high heat" and "low heat" indicators. However, conventional dryers often denote settings for garment types and leave it up to the user to understand the related temperature.

  1. Select the right setting

    Dryers often have "regular" or "heavy" settings for the hottest level, according to AskMen. "Permanent press" is the next hottest. "Delicates" is more moderate heat for delicate fabrics. "Air dry" is just above room temperature.

  2. Turn the knob

    Turn the knob to the section that matches the garment or desired heat setting.

  3. Set the time

    Within the desired setting, select the desired length of drying. The dryer might say "more dry" or "less dry," for instance.