How Do You Select Nightstands for Your Bedroom?

How Do You Select Nightstands for Your Bedroom?

To select the right nightstand for your bedroom, match it to the height of your mattress and the design of your bed, while also considering the desired functionality. When working with limited space, consider a multi-purpose solution, such as a dresser.

To make it easy to reach items on your nightstand, choose one roughly the same height as your mattress. The width and depth is a matter of personal preference, but a general rule is to choose a nightstand in proportion to your headboard.

Choose a nightstand that has the functionality that matches your lifestyle. If you read in bed, make sure to have enough room for books and magazines. If you love gadgets, make sure there is room for a charging tray or docks. To combine functionality with a streamlined look, consider hiding a set of low shelves underneath a circular top with a round skirt.

Make sure your nightstand functions aesthetically as a unit with your bed, not matching but complementing each other. A dark, wood bed pairs nicely with light, brass-legged nightstands, while a wrought iron bed is softened by nightstands covered in fabric.

In small spaces, consider using dressers as nightstands to maximize storage. To keep the dresser and bed in proportion, choose a headboard that is much taller than the dresser, which should be low-profile to ensure accessibility.