How Do You Select a Knife Block?


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When selecting a knife block, consider the appearance of the block and which knives you need in the kitchen, as knife blocks almost always come with knives included in the set. In addition, consider the material of the block. The most popular block material is wood, including cherry, walnut and bamboo, but some blocks are made of stainless steel and acrylic.

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When choosing the material, note that wood is the most environmentally friendly option, but that you can't clean wooden knife blocks on the inside, which is possible for other types of blocks. Some knife blocks have additional features, such as slots for other kitchenware or storage compartments.

Knife blocks have four to 35 knives in them, so carefully consider how many knives you need and what types are necessary. Don't purchase a large block if it results in extra knives sitting around the kitchen. When choosing the knives that come with the block, note their quality. High-carbon steel knives are expensive, and their care procedures are somewhat complicated, but you can sharpen them easily. You can't use a dishwasher to wash high-quality knives or those with wooden handles.

If you need knives with easy care procedures, choose stainless steel. Some other knife materials include carbon steel, high-carbon stainless steel, ceramic and titanium.

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