How Do You Select Hardy Flowering Shrubs?


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To select hardy flowering shrubs, first identify your temperate zone, and choose shrubs based on this rating. Next, know the average amount of precipitation your area receives. Last, know where to plant, as some shrubs require more sunlight or shade than others.

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One of the best ways to select flowering shrubs is to buy according to your temperate zone. Based on mean temperature gradients and latitude, U.S. temperate zones are numbered from 1a-13c, with minimum winter temperatures ranging from minus-60 degrees F to 70 degrees F. For instance, plants rated for a northern zone such as Zone 3a, where winter temperatures can go as low as minus-40 degrees F, won’t live long outdoors in a warmer zone. Plant nurseries in your area can recommend common flowering shrubs, such as hydrangea, rhododendron, forsythia and camellia, that do well in many different temperate zones.

Knowing the average amount of precipitation in your area helps you choose species of shrubs based on how much watering you have to do. Drought-tolerant species keep your water bill in check, while you may have to budget for species with lusher foliage. Likewise, knowing where to plant keeps flowering shrubs healthy. For example, not all plants that need at least some shade can tolerate more sunlight than they’re rated for. Pick the best shrubs for your yard. Once you know what kind of flowering shrubs grow best where you live, learn how to take care of them – when to fertilize, when to prune and how to thin plantings when shrubs multiply.

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