How Do You Select Furniture Drawer Hardware?

How Do You Select Furniture Drawer Hardware?

When selecting furniture drawer hardware, choose a style that complements the aesthetic of your pre-existing furniture, consider the finishes on your light fixtures and appliances, and pick hardware that feels good to the touch. When mixing styles, keep the finishes consistent for a cohesive look.

Sleek, tubular or rectangular drawer pulls work best in contemporary rooms, while Old World-inspired hardware is best in more traditional or European-style spaces. Choose brass, stainless steel, chrome or nickel to accent dark wood, and bronze, enamel or copper for light wood.

Complement the finishes of the light fixtures and appliances in a space by choosing drawer hardware that best matches. Chrome works well with brushed nickel, while oil-rubbed bronze looks good with brass. In a kitchen, match the drawer hardware to the stove, microwave or refrigerator.

Any finish will work with white or painted furniture, including glass knobs, an often overlooked choice. Use glass when you want to inject glamour into a space.

Handles work best on drawers, but knobs are another option. Regardless, choose hardware that fits your fingers for easy access. Avoid hardware that feels weak, rough or uncomfortable. Smooth, sturdy handles work best for drawers used several times a day.

When mixing styles of hardware, the safest practice is to keep the finishes consistent so they complement each other. Mixing finishes is riskier, but works when carefully considered.