How Do You Select the Appropriate Scotts Product for Weed Control?

How Do You Select the Appropriate Scotts Product for Weed Control? provides customers an online weed control product selector, which you can use to select the appropriate weed-fighting product for your particular weed problem. The company website also offers a wide selection of weed-fighting articles, which teach consumers how to identify a variety of weed species and which specify the types of Scotts weed control products that should be used to eradicate each one.

The online Scotts weed control product selector offers customers a number of customization input fields, such as the customer's ZIP code, the location of the weeds on the property, the type of project for which the Scotts product is intended to be used and the density of the weeds. The more information you provide that pertains to the weeds in question, the more specific the Scotts product selector at determining which weed control product is the most effective for you.

The weed control articles on provide information about general weed control using Scotts products and explain which products are designed to control which species of weeds. For example, some article topics offered through's weed control lawn library focus on how to get rid of crabgrass, dandelions and broadleaf weeds and how to identify and eliminate barnyardgrass.