What Are Some Facts About the Sedum Autumn Joy?


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The sedum plant Autumn Joy is a herbaceous perennial that is commonly referred to as a stonecrop plant. Autumn Joy flowers are yellow, orange, red or pink, while its leaves may be bluish-green, greenish-yellow, reddish-pink or off-white.

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Autumn Joy sedum plants grow in clumps roughly 2 feet by 2 feet with flowers grouped in heads that grow to 3 inches or more wide and leaves that grow in whorls. The plant can be grown in planting zones three through nine indicated on the United States Department of Agriculture growing zone map. Autumn Joy plants grow in full sun or partial shade, require well-drained soil, and become resistant to drought once they have become established. The plants are attractive to butterflies, but deer tend to stay away from them.

Autumn Joy sedum plants are often used in border plantings and rock gardens, with flowers appearing between late summer and early fall. People who plant Autumn Joys should be sure to divide them in spring to promote proper growth. The plant belongs to the stonecrop family, named from the Middle English term meaning "sprouting from the stone." Its genus, sedum, is from the Latin verb sedere, meaning to sit, as these plants often grow sitting on top of stones. The name Autumn Joy is a reference to the late seasonal blooming of its flowers.

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