How Do Sectional Couch Covers Protect Your Couch From Damage?


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Couch covers prevent furniture from dust, dirt and damage by securely covering the surface with easy-to-wash protection. Protective covers are used in households with pets, kids or messy adults.

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Couch and sofa covers come in several different styles. Plastic slipcovers are the most complete and effective furniture protection method; however, they are noisy and uncomfortable. Plastic covers are recommended to maintain the resale value of any furniture.

Simple fabric covers are thin and do not add bulk to couches, but they are not as effective as plastic or thicker pet covers. The lightweight cover is decorative and provides a small amount of protection from a small animal or older children.

Thicker, pet-specific covers are usually made with polyester or a similar filling and are typically the thickness of quilts; these covers add a higher level of protection to couches from larger pets and small children. They add bulk and can shift with normal couch use.

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