Are Seasonaire Heaters Energy Efficient?


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Seasonaire heating units can be more energy efficient than other heating alternatives if the area requiring heat is relatively small. However, Seasonaire heaters are not efficient for heating large areas, and they may consume more power than equivalent infrared heaters due to their integrated air purifier and humidifier systems.

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Seasonaire heaters combine an infrared heater, ionic air purifier, HEPA air filter and humidifier into a single unit. Like most infrared heaters, the Seasonaire heater is most efficient when used to heat a small space or a specific person. This is due to its use of infrared radiation to heat people and objects directly, rather than heating and circulating air through the entire room. Since people and objects in the path of the infrared radiation beam emitted from the heater quickly absorb heat, it is possible to run the Seasonaire heater for a shorter period of time to achieve a comfortable temperature.

The Seasonaire heater is less efficient for heating large spaces or multiple people in a room. Though the Seasonaire has an integrated fan, the majority of heating occurs from infrared radiation, so people not directly in the path of the radiation beam are not heated as quickly as they would be by a convection heater.

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