How Do You Season Pecan Wood?

How Do You Season Pecan Wood?

Wood for commercial purposes is usually seasoned using kilns, solar kilns or microwaves. A more conventional method for seasoning is simple air drying. You need a blunt axe and some plastic sheeting for the process.

  1. Split the wood

    Split the wood into rounds between 12 and 20 inches in length using the axe. The purpose of the axe is not to cut the wood but to tear the fibers. A blunt axe that does not wedge into the log at every swing is recommended.

  2. Prepare the base for the wood pile

    Use cinder blocks or wood pallets as the base for stacking the wood. Choose a location that has easy access to both the sun and air. Position the blocks so that the wood stack is not touching the soil directly to enable faster drying.

  3. Stack and cover the wood, and leave it to season

    Stack the wood on the base while making sure that the pile remains stable. Use plastic sheeting or some other cover to protect the wood from rain. The whole objective of the seasoning is to dry the wood, so moisture is detrimental to the process. Leave the wood between six and nine months to season properly.