How Do You Season Firewood?


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To season firewood, split the wood and stack it in an open space exposed to the sun and wind and leave it for more than six months. This process dries the wood, ensuring that it burns efficiently without having to boil off excess moisture.

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How Do You Season Firewood?
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Various firewood stacking methods exist, including standard row stacking and the more compact circular stack. Firewood must be cut to length and split before seasoning to break the water seal formed by the bark. Don't stack wood in large haphazard piles, the wood in the center may rot before it ever dries due to the lack of air circulation.

To stack wood using the standard row method, pile a single row of wood about four feet high in an area exposed to sun and wind. If there is space, string out the row as long as possible. Keep ample space in between rows to let the sun and wind reach all the firewood.

To stack firewood using the circle method, lay a circle of split firewood around a central pole for guidance. Stack firewood cords angled down into the middle of the circle, using shims or small cords to keep the angle. Stack the wood vertically in the center of the circle, this helps draw air into the circle and up. Top the pile with wood that has bark facing up to help keep the rain off.

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