How Do You Season a Big Green Egg?


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Season a Big Green Egg by maintaining cooking temperatures below 350 degrees Fahrenheit for several times you use it. Add a few pieces of lump charcoal to the grill, light them and adjust the air vents to maintain the temperature. These temperatures are necessary to cure the gasket and ensure it sticks to the surface. Replacement gaskets are available or owners who damage theirs by overheating during the initial curing process.

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The ceramic shell absorbs moisture and can crack if exposed to freezing temperatures. If the inside of the housing becomes wet due to storage, rain or snow, dry it thoroughly, and remove any moisture by heating it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover the grill to protect it from the elements once the housing cools.

The Big Green Egg is a ceramic barbecue that cooks at a wide range of temperatures after seating the gasket and drying the ceramic. When cooking at temperatures over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, burp the Egg by raising the lid approximately 1 inch three to four times before opening it completely.

When lighting the charcoal in a ceramic grill, avoid using lighter fluid. The ceramic shell absorbs the fluid and affects the flavor of the food. Use an electric charcoal starter or fire starter blocks. Using liquid starters in the grill or charcoal briquettes can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

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