How Does Sears Perform Air Duct Cleaning?


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Sears technicians use a high-powered vacuum, compressed air, an air whip and other specialized tools to clean HVAC ducts. Sears air duct cleaning methods follow the guidelines of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

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Uniformed Sears cleaning personnel arrive at the home in a clearly marked vehicle. They meet the home owner, review the ordered services and educate the home owner on the importance of good air quality and the products available through Sears. Before the cleaners begin cleaning the air ducts, they cover the floors of the home with protective cloths and place corner guards. They then seal a return air vent to improve air flow during cleaning.

When the preparation work is complete, an 8-inch vacuum is attached to the main trunk line of the HVAC system. This vacuum removes any loose dirt or debris and collects it as it is dislodged through the cleaning process. A hole is cut in the duct work and a compressed air hose fitted with an air whip is inserted through the hole. Compressed air is forced through the ducts to loosen dirt and push it into the vacuum. When the cleaning is finished, the hole is covered with galvanized steel and sealed with a plug.

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