How Do I Seam Vinyl Flooring?

In order to seam a vinyl floor, start with the edges of the two vinyl sheets overlapping with the pattern placed to match. Cut through both sheets to create a flush edge, and use a vinyl floor adhesive to glue both down. Apply seam sealer to the join. This project requires a metal straight edge, a hook knife, vinyl floor adhesive, a notched trowel, a seam roller and seam sealer.

Overlap the two pieces of vinyl by at least two inches before making the cut. Use a straight edge aligned exactly along the desired junction to guide your cutting. Hold the straight edge down tightly, and run the hook knife along the edge multiple times until both pieces of vinyl are completely cut.

Roll the edges of the sheets away from the seam. Use a notched trowel of proper size to spread the adhesive beneath the seam. Allow the adhesive to sit undisturbed for the time stated by the adhesive manufacturer, and then press the sheets firmly into the adhesive.

Use a roller to remove any air bubbles beneath the vinyl. Allow the adhesive to dry between 12 and 16 hours before sealing. Cut a tiny hole in the end of the sealer tube, and use the straight edge to apply the sealer exactly to the seam. Allow the sealer to dry for 24 hours before walking on the floor.