How Do You Find Sealing Pavers?


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Stone and brick pavers that can be sealed are available at home improvement stores such as Lowe's. Some types of natural stone pavers can be sealed using a good water-based acrylic sealant product found at home improvement stores such as The Home Depot. Stone pavers are arranged in the ground following a specific pattern design, and the sealant is applied on the surface to protect pavers and boost their aesthetic appeal.

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Sealants are not applied to stone pavers sold at home improvement stores so consumers have a choice as to what type of sealant to use. In addition to acrylic sealants, there are sealants that are glossy, color protective and stain resistant. Some sealants are okay for general use. Finding the best type of sealant to use for specific types of pavers requires asking an expert for assistance. Before a sealant product is applied, the pavers must be thoroughly cleaned of sand and debris.

Paver sealant is commonly applied using the roller method or spray method. Applying sealant using a long-handled roller is the easiest application method, but rollers tend to pick up and distribute sand. Spraying sealant on pavers using a pump-up sprayer or low-pressure spray pump evenly distributes the product without disturbing sand. One coat of sealant is adequate, and excess sealant must be brushed or rolled into paver joints.

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