How Do You Seal Windows for the Winter?


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To seal windows for the winter, scrape off old paint and caulk, wash the windows, apply caulk to the exterior windows, and apply weatherstripping to the interior windows. Sealing windows is usually easy, but it can take a few hours.

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  1. Prepare the window

    Using a putty knife with a stuff blade, scrape the perimeters of the windows to remove all peeling paint and old caulk. Use a scrub brush and a mixture of soap and water to clean the area. Dry the area thoroughly with a clean rag.

  2. Caulk the windows

    Go outside. Using exterior-grade caulk, apply a bead of fresh caulk around the entire perimeter of each window, between the siding and the windowpane. Make sure the caulk flows seamlessly with no openings.

  3. Choose a type of weatherstripping

    There are many types of weatherstripping. Adhesive-backed foam compresses against the window to seal cracks. Tubular weather-gasket weatherstripping also uses compression, but it is made from a rubber tube instead of foam. Window insulation kits use shrink-wrap plastic to seal the windows. Select the most appropriate type of weatherstripping for your windows and skill level.

  4. Apply the weatherstripping

    Go indoors. Apply the weatherstripping to each window according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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