How Do You Seal a Tumbled Marble Backsplash?


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Select a penetrating sealer manufactured specifically for use on tumbled marble, and read all of the instructions on the packaging. Dip a clean cloth that is free of lint into the penetrating sealer. Apply the sealer carefully to the surface of the tumbled marble backsplash. Allow the sealer on the marble to dry completely. If desired, apply a second coat of sealer to the backsplash according to the same directions.

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Do not allow any of the sealer to drip and pool down the surface of the tumbled marble backsplash or your countertop. Allow the sealer to dry thoroughly before use. A correctly applied sealer makes clean-up easy and adds a finished look to the marble.

Tumbled marble needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it can be sealed, since even the slightest amount of grease or grime on the surface is sealed into the marble after the backsplash is sealed. Wipe the backsplash down with a clean cloth dipped into warm water. If the marble requires further cleaning, make sure to use a cleaner specifically made for tumbled marble. Allow the surface of the tumbled marble backsplash to air-dry completely so that it is absolutely dry before you begin sealing the marble.

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