How Do You Seal Grout?

How Do You Seal Grout?

Seal grout by applying a commercial grout sealer and using the roller or brush applicator included with the product. For new tiles, wait until the grout has completely cured before applying the sealer. Clean and repair older grout before applying sealer.

  1. Prepare the grout for the sealer

    If the tile is newly installed, let the grout cure for at least 48 hours before applying sealer. For older tiles, scrub the grout, and let it dry. Repair any chips or cracks with a grout filler.

  2. Apply the sealer

    Commercial grout sealers come with a brush or roller to apply the product. Carefully paint the sealer on the grout lines with the provided tool.

  3. Give the sealer time to penetrate the grout

    Wait five minutes for the sealer to penetrate the grout. If the humidity is high, wait up to 15 minutes.

  4. Apply a second coat if necessary

    Inspect the grout for dry areas where sealer did not apply. If necessary, touch these areas up. If there are many dry areas, apply a second coat to all of the grout.

  5. Clean the tiles

    Wipe off any grout sealer that gets on the tiles with a soft cotton cloth. Use a plastic scrub pad on stubborn areas.

  6. Let the sealer cure

    If the sealer is on the floor, wait two hours before walking on it. Avoid getting the area wet for 24 hours.