How Do You Seal Flagstone?


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Seal flagstone by applying a quality sealant using a paint roller or industrial sprayer, suggests LandscapingNetwork.com. Apply two to three coats of the sealant depending upon the amount of expected foot traffic. The sealant repels stains and adds a layer of protection to the porous flagstone surface.

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Maintaining the natural look of flagstone requires little maintenance once a sealer is applied. A matte sealer fills in the pores of the flagstone and allows the stone to retain its natural color. Resealing the flagstone annually keeps it looking its best.

Once the flagstone has been sealed, regular sweeping of debris helps prevent staining. The application of a cleaner designed specifically for flagstone can be used for stubborn stains, or professional cleaners can be hired to lift the stain and restore the look of the flagstones.

Because flagstones are laid in individual pieces on a bed of sand, repairing chipped or cracked flagstones is a simple process. By removing the damaged stone and replacing it with a new one, the surface is restored to a like-new finish. Buckling or tilting of the flagstone is easily remedied by adding more sand underneath the stone, and the application of new grout keeps the joints in top shape.

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