How Do You Seal a Copper Pipe Leak?


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To seal a copper pipe leak, turn off the water, cut out the damaged section and replace with a repair sleeve. Solder the repair sleeve into place with a torch flame and solder wire.

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To seal a leak on a copper pipe:

  1. Turn off the water
  2. Turn off the water at the main supply valve and drain the pipes before repair.

  3. Remove the pipe
  4. Use a pipe cutter and cut out the damaged section.

  5. Clean
  6. Use a wire fitting brush to clean the interior of the sleeve, and use emery paper to clean the exterior of the pipe. Then brush flux onto the areas.

  7. Install the collar
  8. Slide the replacement collar over the cut sections of pipe.

  9. Solder
  10. Use a torch flame and solder wire to solder the collar into place.

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