How Do You Seal Concrete?

How Do You Seal Concrete?

Seal concrete by cleaning and drying it and applying at least two thin layers of sealer using a long-handled roller brush. Apply the sealer is small sections, and wait for it to dry to ensure that the concrete is completely covered and that the sealer is not bubbling.

  1. Clean and dry the concrete

    Vacuum or sweep the concrete, and then scrub it with a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. Rinse the concrete, and dry it thoroughly.

  2. Choose the correct sealer

    Concrete sealers come in two main varieties: penetrating and film forming. Film-forming sealers leave a glossy finish and can be slippery. Penetrating sealers leave a matte finish.

  3. Apply the sealer and let it dry

    Use a paint roller to apply the sealer. If the sealer begins to bubble as it dries, then you are using too much. Once a full layer of sealer has been applied, let it dry completely before adding a second layer.