How Do You Seal Cedar Decking?


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To seal a cedar deck, apply two coats of clear sealant to all surfaces of the deck. It is necessary to determine whether the wood is ready for a sealant before applying the product.

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To determine whether the deck will absorb a sealant properly, sprinkle water on the deck and note whether the water absorbs into the wood. Decks should be sealed one year after installation or when the wood begins to absorb water. Clean and prepare the deck by removing all furnishings and outdoors items, sanding any rough or splintered areas with sandpaper, and replacing nails that have worked loose with deck screws.

To apply sealant, work in small sections and spread a thin layer of the product using a roller brush. Use an extra roller brush to smooth over the sections before they dry to remove excess puddles and to work the sealant into the wood. Use a paint brush for hard-to-reach corners and on steps, then wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth as needed to remove excess sealant.

Use two very thin coats of sealant. If a second coat is necessary, apply a thin layer and use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe away excess sealant during the application. Apply the second coat of sealant while the first coat is wet to allow each layer to absorb into the wood properly.

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