How Do You Find Sculptures for a Garden?

How Do You Find Sculptures for a Garden?

Find sculptures that fit the size and style of the garden by browsing garden centers, home improvement stores and specialty garden sculpture stores. Browse through pictures of garden sculptures before shopping to get an idea of the styles you like.

Size is an important factor in finding the right statue for your garden. If the piece is too small, it gets swallowed up by the garden and goes unnoticed. A sculpture that is too large crowds the garden and becomes a distraction rather than a decoration. Measure the available space, and consider how large you want the statue. Too many sculptures also creates a distraction in the garden.

The design is the next trait to consider. If your home and garden are modern, choose a sculpture that matches. A completely different style of statue looks out of place.

Another factor that affects the appearance of a garden statue is the material. Traditional concrete sculptures are heavy but durable. Marble and other stone sculptures also provide a traditional look but are also heavy. Resin and plastic are lighter than concrete but lack the tradition look. Metal sculptures fit in well with a modern garden and home exterior.

Before committing to a sculpture, take measurements. Mark off the measurements in the garden and measure the height to get an idea of the amount of space it will take.