How Do You Screen in a Porch?

How Do You Screen in a Porch?

Screening in a porch requires basic carpentry skills and the project involves installing framing for the screen around the porch, adding interior and exterior paneling and attaching the screen to the frame. Depending on the preferred design, the new paneling, a fan and lighting fixtures may also be added on the ceiling of the porch.

The following shows the basic steps taken when screening in a porch.

  1. Measuring and cutting
  2. Take measurements of the porch and cut the paneling and frame boards according to the size of the porch and the design preference. Using pre-primed paneling will be ideal and will help shorten the time spent on the project.

  3. Work on the ceiling and flooring
  4. Before installing the frame, finish any work to be done on the interior such as the installation of ceiling fixtures or laying tiles on the floor.

  5. Attach the frame
  6. Ideally, the frames should be spaced around the porch according to the standard width of screens.

  7. Add the panels
  8. Start attaching the interior panels before the exterior panels. Using easy to work with materials such as pine and plywood beadboard for the interior panels will make the job easier as these materials can attached to the frame using just a staple gun. Apply the finish before the next step.

  9. Attach the screens
  10. Screw the grids for the screen onto the frame. Spread the aluminum screen on top of the grids, and then hammer the caps to secure it to the grid.