How Do You Schedule and Take a Road Test?


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You can schedule an appointment for a road test in person or online at your state DMV website. The road test is the final step in obtaining a driver's license, and passing it requires learning a variety of skills behind the wheel.

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How Do You Schedule and Take a Road Test?
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The requirements for the road test vary from state to state, but some are general. Most road tests require a vehicle with functioning headlights, brake lights and signals, as well as an adequate horn and clean rear and side-view mirrors. The vehicle must be properly insured and have a valid registration. Also, the weather must be safe for driving. If the weather is rainy, icy or foggy, the examination must be rescheduled.

The test covers a series of basic maneuvers, including a three-point turn, accelerating to speed, stopping when directed, backing and parallel parking. In addition to the basic skills, you need to demonstrate the ability to drive safely in traffic. Always follow the examiner's directions immediately, since not doing so can result in the test being cancelled, and you may have to wait to retake it. If you pass the road test, you can drive back to the DMV to pay a fee and receive your license.

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