How Do I Schedule a Lowe's Kitchen Remodel?

How Do I Schedule a Lowe's Kitchen Remodel?

Beginning a kitchen remodel is easy with the help of a Lowe's consultant. After you research the style and color options available, simply call your local store to schedule an appointment.

  1. Measure your kitchen

    One of the first things a Lowe's consultant asks is the dimensions of the kitchen. This helps determine what types of cabinetry and appliances can fit in your space.

  2. Browse available styles

    Look at Lowe's website to determine what styles and colors you like. Lowe's Virtual Room Designer, available on the Lowe's website, allows you to select options and view how they look together.

  3. Call your local Lowe's to schedule an appointment

    Your local Lowe's has employees ready to help you with your kitchen remodel. Call your local store and schedule an appointment for a time that is convenient for you.