How Do You Scare a Hawk Out of a Yard?


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You can build a scarecrow to scare hawks out of your yard. The scarecrow may be more effective if moved periodically to give the illusion that humans are present. You can also frighten the hawk away by hanging shiny objects, such as pie tins, mylar or compact discs, from trees. These objects create the illusion of movement when struck by the sun.

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Loud noises such as yelling and banging pans together also scare hawks, although it's best to use audio scare tactics as a last resort to avoid also unsettling desirable wildlife. If you see a hawk perching at night, shine a laser pointer a few feet from its perch and slowly move it closer. Wildlife experts discourage the use of cats to scare away hawks as they may become prey for the raptor and may themselves prey upon songbirds.

Killing or injuring hawks, owls and most other birds of prey is illegal, so bird experts advise homeowners to call wildlife experts to remove particularly aggressive hawks. Birders also recommend removing food sources and vantage points to discourage hawks from remaining in the area. Protect smaller birds by covering bird feeders, abstaining from scattering bird seed, enclosing backyard chickens, and placing decals on windows.

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