Is ScaleRID Effective at Treating Water?


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The consensus of the general public is that ScaleRID is ineffective, and the scientific community regards the technology used in it as unsubstantiated. ScaleRID and other products from its manufacturer EdenPure receive largely negative reviews on the Web, according to consumer advocacy organization Consumer Affairs.

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ScaleRID does not remove hard-water minerals from the water; so the factors leading to scale formation and hardness are still present in treated water. While EdenPure claims that treatment with ScaleRID changes the physical properties of these minerals so that they allow soap to lather and cease to form scales or stick to pipes, these claims are unverified by the scientific community.

Magnetic water treatment, the science behind ScaleRID, lacks peer-reviewed laboratory data, mechanistic explanations and documented field studies. It is regarded as unproven and controversial. Vendors of electronic water treatment devices use pictures and testimonials to support their claims, rather than well-controlled studies and quantitative data.

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