How Do You Save a Dying Rose Bush?

To save a dying rose bush, remove decaying growth, prune the plant, apply mulch, water it, add fertilizer, and inspect the bush for pests. You need a soaker hose, coarse black mulch, a spray bottle, pruning shears, garden gloves and a rake to complete this task.

  1. Remove debris

    Remove any excess growth in the form of dead leaves or weeds from the base and around the bush.

  2. Prune the bush

    Prune the bush heavily to foster better growth. Cut away any diseased branches, leaves or canes. Prune away canes in the center to allow more sunlight and air to reach the bush. Cut back 1/3 of the bush during the spring.

  3. Add mulch

    Apply a 2-inch layer of black mulch to the base of the bush to prevent disease and control weeds.

  4. Water the bush

    Water the bush daily. Ensure that the soil is moist, and avoid overwatering. If using a sprinkler, allow the water to run for 10 minutes.

  5. Fertilize the bush

    Apply rose fertilizer each week during the spring. Keep the fertilizer away from the base. Cease fertilizing at the end of summer.

  6. Monitor the bush

    Check the bush for pests, such as aphids or spider mites, and pick away all visible pests from the plant.