How Is a Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner Installed?

How Is a Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner Installed?

Sanyo split air conditioners require installation of a compressor outside the home and an air handler inside each the unit cools. These systems use coolant lines to transfer the chilled refrigerant rather than a central air handler to distribute cool air through vents.

The compressor of most Sanyo mini-split compressors has the capacity to provide cooling for up to four of the indoor units. This allows the user to cool up to four rooms or areas with a single system. Each of the indoor units operates from an individual thermostat, allowing the owner to choose the temperature for each zone.

While mini-split air conditioners are more expensive than traditional cooling systems, eliminating the installation of ducts reduces the installation costs. Moving refrigerant instead of air also reduces the energy loss due to ducts.

Installing the conduit for the coolant requires cutting small holes through the walls. The maximum conduit length is 50 feet, allowing the installation of compressors in an out of sight location.

Locating the compressor outside the home reduces the noise of cooling. Unlike noisy window units, the only noise most home occupants hear is that of the quiet blower in the air handler unit. As these units do not require a window for installation, they help to improve safety of home occupants.