How Do You Sanitize Kids' Hard Plastic Pools?

To sanitize kids' hard plastic pools, empty them daily if they are small, and clean the interior of the pool with diluted chlorine bleach. In larger pools that aren't drained daily, add chlorine to the pool water to maintain its cleanliness. If feces, vomit or other contaminants enter the pool water, immediately drain the pool, clean it, and allow the pool to remain empty and in direct sunlight for at least four hours, or shock the pool with chlorine.

To sanitize the water in wading pools, determine how much water is in the pool by measuring the depth of the water and the pool diameter, and add enough chlorine bleach to bring the chlorine levels in the pool to 1 to 3 parts per million.

For instance, add 1/16 cup of chlorine bleach to a pool that is 4 feet in diameter when the water is 6 inches deep, and test the chlorine levels before allowing children to swim. To shock the water, add enough chlorine to bring the chlorine levels to 10 parts per million.

To add chlorine bleach to the water, mix the recommended amount of chlorine bleach into 2 gallons of water, shake the mixture to combine it, and sprinkle the diluted chlorine over the water in the pool. Use a pool filter and pool chemicals, such as calcium hypochlorite, to sanitize pools that are too large to drain daily.