What Is a Sanidry Dehumidifier?


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SaniDry dehumidifiers are units designed to dry the air in a basement and prevent problems such as dry rot, decay and mold. Removing excess humidity converts this below-grade space into a more comfortable place for humans.

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As of 2015, Basement Systems, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of SaniDry dehumidifiers. The manufacturer designs these units for professional installation. The installed unit reduces moisture content from basement and crawl space air.

Moisture in the home comes from many different sources. Cooking, bathing, breathing and pets add to the moisture content of indoor air. In the basement, such moisture becomes a problem because of the cooler air. The lower the air temperature, the less moisture it is able to hold. Thus, even if the air in the basement has the same amount of moisture as the rest of the home, it feels damp because it has a higher relative humidity.

Mold, mildew and dust mites thrive in areas where the relative humidity is greater than 60 percent. Even if the homeowner takes steps to reduce the humidity to 50 percent, they still survive. As long as these organisms are in the house, they produce allergens that cause problems for the occupants. Reducing the humidity to below 50 percent is essential to eliminate these pests and the allergens they produce.

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