What Are Some Sandblasting Media Tools?


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The primary sandblasting media tool is the sandblaster, which is available in three basic forms and sizes; other tools include safety goggles, respirators and gloves. Sandblasters come with a wide variety of features, making various models look and perform in completely different manners.

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Gravity-fed sandblasters use gravity, along with an air compressor, to shoot sand from a large container through a nozzle. Siphon sandblasters use a similar concept, but the sand container is located underneath the nozzle instead of above it, so gravity is no longer useful for placing sand in the direction of the air flow. Instead, siphon sandblasters use suction to draw sand along the air channel. Pressure sandblasters use canisters of sand that are highly pressurized.

Sandblasters generally come in one of three sizes: miniature, large or industrial. Miniature sandblasters are usually handheld, large sandblasters are mounted to a cabinet or bench, and industrial sandblasters are typically built into a large truck.

Depending on the type of sandblaster, other tools and accessories may be necessary. For instance, a pressure sandblaster makes use of individual pressurized canisters of non-reusable sand. Sandblasting professionals who use gravity-fed or siphon sandblasters often stretch out a tarp to collect and reuse sand.

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