How Do You Sandblast?

How Do You Sandblast?

In order to sandblast a surface to clean or polish it, choose the right equipment, decide on the type of abrasive material to use, wear protective gear and then test out the equipment. Consult a professional with any questions.

While abrasive cleaning is often called sandblasting, it is unsafe to use sand and other silica-based abrasives for this process, as the dust particles can be breathed in and cause damage. To sandblast with an alternative abrasive media:

  1. Choose the right equipment
  2. Depending on what is being cleaned, some jobs may need to be performed in a blasting cabinet, while others require the use of a portable sandblaster.

  3. Choose the abrasive material
  4. Common abrasive materials include glass beads and garnet. The former works well for polishing, while the latter works well on concrete, bricks and metals.

  5. Wear safety equipment
  6. Wear the proper safety equipment, including leather gloves, a respirator, goggles and protective clothing.

  7. Test the area
  8. Before cleaning the entire area, test the sandblaster on a small, inconspicuous area to learn how to handle the equipment and test how long it takes to clean the surface.

  9. Consult a professional
  10. Consult a professional with questions regarding how to handle the equipment, as well the best abrasive medium to use for the job. Hire a professional to perform the work, if necessary.