How Do You Sand Wood?


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To sand wood, use a random-orbit finishing sander to sand the surface with different grit levels of sandpaper. Start with the medium grit and work toward the finest. Use a sanding block to sand manually the areas inaccessible with the orbit sander, and take proper safety precautions.

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  1. Protect yourself

    Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from any flying particles and dust generated from sanding. Wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling the harmful dust.

  2. Sand the wood

    Use a random-orbit finishing sander with a medium grit sandpaper to sand the wood surface with the grain. If the wood is very rough, start with coarser sandpaper. Use a sanding block to sand any areas inaccessible with the orbit sander. Exert uniform gentle pressure when sanding to avoid creating an uneven surface or gouging the wood. Replace the sandpaper as needed when the grit wears out, and sand until all scratches and dents disappear, then clear the dust off the surface with a shop vacuum.

  3. Repeat the process

    Repeat the sanding process, each time with a finer sandpaper. Vacuum the surface every time you move to a finer sandpaper. Sand until the wood is sufficiently smooth, and vacuum the surface to remove all the dust.

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