How Do You Sand Hardwood Floors?

How Do You Sand Hardwood Floors?

To sand a hardwood floor, prep the floor, sand with a drum sander, sand the edges with an edging sander and finish the job with a corner sander. Finally, check for rough areas, and sweep up all the dust. You need a drum sander, edging sander and corner sander.

  1. Prepare the floor

    Sink any protruding nails, and nail down loose boards to prepare the floor to be sanded.

  2. Use the drum sander

    Sand the bulk of the floor using the drum sander. Sand diagonally across the floor in one direction, and then repeat the process perpendicular to the first runs. Finally, sand the floor once more with the grain of the wood.

  3. Use the edging sander

    Sand the edges of the room that the drum sander cannot reach with an edging sander.

  4. Use the corner sander

    Sand the floor in the corners using a corner sander. Use the corner sander to sand hard-to-reach and awkward places, such as beneath radiators.

  5. Check for rough areas

    Check the floor for any remaining rough areas, and sand these down by hand.

  6. Clean the floor

    Vacuum or sweep up any debris. Go over the floor with a damp sponge to remove any remaining dust.