How Do You Sand Corian Countertops?


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Film and light scratches may be sanded away from Corian using an abrasive cleanser and cleaning pads. Very fine grit, wet-dry sandpaper can remove deeper scratches.

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Corian is an attractive and durable countertop material made from adhered minerals. It gives the look of natural stone at a much lower investment.

Use an abrasive cleanser

Spread a small amount of an abrasive cleanser over the Corian surface. Add enough water to turn the cleanser into a paste. Gently rub it into the scratched surface in circular motions. Rinse the counter with water to remove and buff dry with a cloth.

Use a countertop repair kit

Purchase a countertop repair kit with color-coded mesh pads to sand out a dull film or scratches. Follow the instructions with the kit to sand the Corian surface with progressively finer mesh pads and a small amount of water. The kit should bring the Corian to a smooth, highly polished shine.

Use a 400-grit wet-dry sandpaper

If the countertop repair kit is not an option, pick up a 400-grit wet-dry sandpaper pad. Pour a small amount of water on the countertop and sand away scratches using a circular motion. Once the scratches are no longer visible, rinse the surface with clean water and buff dry with a clean cloth.

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