What Are San Marcos Blankets?

San Marcos blankets are thick and heavy Mexican blankets that typically display a large, detailed image and are sold on street corners and in shops throughout Mexico. The Mexican blankets originally depicted images that were important to Mexican culture, such as the Mexican flag or Aztec images, but now can be found with many images that have nothing to do with Mexico.

The San Marcos blanket was first produced in 1976. It was a thick but extremely soft blanket that depicted a couple different Mexican images. The blanket started to gain popularity throughout Mexico, and eventually it became popular among tourists. Because so many tourists were purchasing the blankets, street vendors started selling them all over the country.

Since 1976, San Marcos blankets have become very important to Mexican nationals and tourists alike. The images on the blankets have spread from Mexican culture to pop culture. On street corners today, the blankets can be found with images of celebrities, sports teams and anything that the makers think might sell. Because of the high demand for these blankets, large amounts of fake San Marcos blankets started to circulate throughout the world. San Marcos stopped production in 2004, and now most of the blankets sold are actually fake. For this reason, real San Marcos blankets are seen as rare and are highly sought after.