Why Is the Samsung Front-Load Washer Not Draining Water During Use?

A Samsung front-load washer may not drain water if the load is unbalanced or too large, the drain hose is kinked, the washer door is partially open, the debris filter is clogged, or the washer is not level. A tripped circuit breaker may also cause the washer not to drain.

Besides checking for kinks or blockages in the drain hose, it's important to ensure that the drain hose is pushed no more than 6 inches into the drain pipe. If the drain hose is pushed in farther than 6 inches, water may siphon back into the washer through the hose.

Samsung washers that are equipped with a debris filter typically have an access panel at the bottom front of the washer. This access panel also houses an emergency drain hose that drains the water from the washer in case of malfunction. If the washer is full of hot water, it's best to allow the water to cool for at least one hour before draining to prevent personal injury. Once the water is drained, the debris filter can be removed and cleaned. Cleaning the debris filter on a regular basis is recommended to prevent odors, and draining or filling problems with the washing machine.