How Do You Get Your Samsung Fridge Repaired Under Warranty?

Obtain repairs for a Samsung refrigerator under its limited warranty by calling the company's toll-free support number to speak to a support representative or by using its online claim filing system, as of 2015. To use the online system, you must register the unit by providing the model number and your contact information to the company.

Begin by ensuring the registration of the refrigerator with Samsung by visiting the Customer Support section of the site and navigating to the customer portal section to log into your account. If you do not have a Samsung account, you may create one to check warranty status. It is also possible to register the appliance directly on the Samsung support site. It is also possible to check the registration status by beginning the warranty claim filing process within the Service Request section of the site or by contacting the customer support call center and requesting warranty servicing.

In each case, you must provide Samsung with the model number of your refrigerator and the nature of the malfunction so that it may schedule the appropriate servicing or parts shipments. Most Samsung refrigerator warranties do not cover damage due to misuse of the product, such as placing a home unit in a commercial setting, or direct owner damage. The warranties ensure the functionality of all factory parts under normal usage conditions for a set period of years after the original purchase date.